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Open Access and Publishing

A guide to help you with publishing your research.

What are predatory publishers & predatory conferences?

Have you received an unsolicited invitation to submit your research to a conference or a journal? This could be a predatory journal or a conference. 

Predatory publishers send unsolicited invitations to authors/researchers/students/faculties... 

A consensus definition of predatory publishing is 

Predatory journals and publishers are entities that prioritize self-interest at the expense of scholarship and are characterized by false or misleading information, deviation from best editorial and publication practices, a lack of transparency, and/or the use of aggressive and indiscriminate solicitation practices (Grudniewicz et al., 2019).

If you are not sure of the authenticity or credibility of a publisher or journal, please be cautious and ask yourself these questions
  • Does the journal look legit to you? Do they provide clear scope?
  • Are the editorial or board members clearly listed? Are those listed members subject experts?
  • Does the journal clearly address its peer-review process?
  • What impact metrics is the journal list? Do they look legit?
  • Are they clear about the article processing charge?
  • Do they list their past issues in journals? Go through the past articles and program details to see if the published information is copy-edited and looks neat.
If you are not sure of the authenticity or credibility of a conference, please be cautious and ask yourself
  • Is the conference hosted by a university, a well-known organization or a research organization?
  • Do you know anyone who may have attended this conference or has someone in your field heard of this? 
  • Is this an annual event?  Check their previous program, speakers, and abstracts.
  • Did they mention anything about the peer review process for submissions?

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