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Open Access and Publishing

A guide to help you with publishing your research.

What is OER?

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are any type of educational materials - in digital or format -  that are available through the public domain. OER are published under open licenses or Creative Commons which emphasises how the materials can be used, reused, adapted, shared and modified for specific needs. OER include resources ranging from textbooks, lecture notes, syllabi, assignments and tests.

Why OER?

For students/learners

  • The opportunity to test view and read course materials before enrolling or starting of a course
  • Opportunities to involve in OER initiatives and development
  • Reduced cost of textbooks and materials

For faculty

  • collaborative opportunity for teaching/learning
  • Less worry on accessibility to resources and teaching materials
  • Professional opportunity to involve in OER development

OER at Ucalgary

Learn more about University of Calgary's OER initiative