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Evidence-based Practice (EBP)

Answer basic questions to improve your practice.

Level 6. Studies


  • A primary research study was conducted on the focus topic


  • Longer in length (10-15 pages, average)
  • Include many references
  • The methodology will discuss participants, how participants were studied, the type of measurement used to study participants (survey, interview, physical exam, tests, etc...) and also outline ethics approval. 
  • The most common type of research is found because it doesn't take as much time to produce higher levels of evidence


These are the original research studies. The databases below have search methods for retrieving the high-quality studies that can be used for clinical practice.

Level 6 example (from N Eng J Med) - see Level 5 example for a synopsis of this study

Need help with understanding primary study designs, Refer Primary Studies and study designs.

Search Across the Levels

It is possible with these federated search engines to search across many resources, with the retrieval sorted according to the source of the evidence. Haynes (2006) cautions, however, that "the quality of the retrieval depends on the source, and many sources do not provide critical appraisal of evidence."