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Evidence-based Practice (EBP)

Answer basic questions to improve your practice.

Level 5. Synopses of Studies

"...the synopsis of a single study provides a brief, but often sufficiently detailed, a summary of a high-quality study that can inform clinical practice" (DiCenso et al., 2009)


  • Summary & evaluation of a research study that has been done


  • Summary and analysis of the methodology and results of a single research study that was conducted
  • Not primary research 
  • Shorter in length (1 page, average)
  • The Reference list will be short as it is evaluating one 1 research study


The following databases provide both synopses of studies (Level 5) and synopses of syntheses (Level 3)

Level 5 example (from ACP Journal Club) - see Level 6 example for the study that is synopsized here