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Evidence-based Practice (EBP)

Answer basic questions to improve your practice.

Level2. Summaries

"These include clinical pathways or textbook summaries that integrate evidence-based information about specific clinical problems and provide regular updating... Evidence-based current clinical practice guidelines ... are also examples of 'summary' level evidence." (DiCenso et al., 2009)


Summarizes the highest level of evidence available, integrating evidence-based information and clinical problems in the form of clinical practice guidelines, best practice guidelines and information in textbooks.


  • Shorter in length, 2-5 pages average
  • References will be numerous or will include synthesis of high levels of evidence
  • They will not be as prevalent, not available on all topics


Evidence-Based Summaries

Level 2 example (from Clinical Evidence) and updated details are available in DynaMed.

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG)

Note: Check that CPG is current and that recommendations include level of evidence.