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Your grade

Why have marks in a course?

Grades are a measure used to indicate that you are able to meet class objectives for a course. In meeting those objectives, you will be able to use the information in other courses and develop your understanding in future classes, profession, or specialty area. You have proven you have a level of understanding to move to the next course, degree, or subject area.

What is in a grade?

The mark you receive does not reflect on your identity. Learn from the situation by asking yourself some questions: How can I improve next time? What was the instructor looking for to say, "this student knows what s/he needs to in order to move on"? By all means, look at your grade but do not stop there. Look at the instructor's feedback. What is important to know?

Where do you find your grades?

Grades can be found through your D2L classroom under assessment.

Where do you find your feedback?

Some instructors will provide some information with your returned assignment. Others may provide comments in the rubric through D2L. If you do not see the individual feedback, email your instructor. 

Where can you figure out your course grade up to this point in the course?

You will need to do some math and gather some information in order to figure out your course mark thus far. Here are some suggestions (by wikiHow) Calculate your grades with this calculator (provided by RapidTable's website) that might be useful when you have finished your course and grades are not yet visible.

In D2L, look at the example of an online classroom.

View details through the the D2L LC eLearning modules. In the "Marks/Grades" section, see the video and the simple quiz questions. Answer the quiz questions.

Additional resources.

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