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Learning Online

A student's guide to be successful.

Your Syllabus

Your course syllabus, or course outline, is the first essential document you will receive in each of your courses. The syllabus is an important document because it is your guide into the course plan of study, objectives, and expectations. A syllabus is a contract between the university and the students. It is assumed that everyone taking the course has read and understood the syllabus and agrees with the terms and conditions.

However, your syllabus is much more that a source of the rules and regulations for your course. The information in your syllabus is your guide into the learning outcomes that are the focus of your goals in the course.
  • Assignments to be completed
  • Due dates for assignments
  • Policies regarding late work submission, marking, absence, etc.
  • Course lesson plan and topics to be followed
  • Communication information and policy
  • Learning objectives
It might be tempting to put the syllabus aside and refer to it only when you need it to check an assignment due date or contact your instructor, but you would miss out on the key benefit it provides. The syllabus plan and schedule is a valuable aid to help you get organized, learn effectively, and attain the goals of the course.  Dedicating time to studying it as you begin your course is a strategy for success.
Syllabus Analysis Exercise
What follows is a sample course syllabus – it is not a real course. Our imaginary course is called Lean on the LC – Learning Online.  As an exercise, please review this syllabus and then take the online quiz with eight (8) questions. The quiz questions will lead you to some important aspects of the course syllabus. You can apply your learning to all of your courses. Click here to access the syllabus in D2L.
Syllabus Quiz (click here)

Can you find the answers to these questions in your syllabus? Take the online quiz to see how well you can read your syllabus, here.

  1. What is the full name of your instructor? How is it spelled?
  2.  If you have questions about your next assignment, what are your options? 
  3. What is the purpose of this course? 
  4. What mark will you receive if your online quiz is submitted late? 
  5. Which assignments require you to use evidence and cite sources? 
  6. How do you ask questions in a Zoom lecture? 
  7. On your first assignment, your instructor has noted that you need to improve your grammar and your APA style. Where would you go for help?
  8. Your biggest block of time to work on assignments is the Eid break. This is the perfect time to begin your paper.