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A student's guide to be successful.

Ways to interact with your instructor.

Why does your instructor have office hours?

Office hours are scheduled so that you can have access to your instructor. During this time, he or she is available for you to ask questions about the course material, assignments, feedback, or challenge a mark within the course.

If you contact your instructor outside of these hours will it be okay?

Many instructors are very flexible with the time they have to meet with students, but do realize that the instructor has many other responsibilities in addition to teaching your course. If the instructor is not available, you might approach them after class or by email to see when time would be available. Do not be surprised if the instructor refers you to his or her office hours.

Where do you find the instructor's office hours?

Look in your class syllabus. The information is usually located on the second page of this document under the names of your instructors. In addition, it may be mentioned in class and in D2L. If you do not see this information, email your instructor after you have looked in these places.

In D2L, look at the example of an online classroom.

View details through the the D2L LC eLearning modules. In the "Contact Instructor" section, see the video and the simple quiz questions. Answer the quiz questions.