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Learning Online

A student's guide to be successful.

The assignment or assignments

Why have assignments?

Assignments are meant to reinforce the concepts you are learning in class. Your instructors want to know you can apply the class content to one or more assignments.

During your course, you will be asked to do one or more assignments. Make sure you understand the requirements of the assignment as you begin to do each one.

Where do I find details about your assignment(s)?

Look at your syllabus for details about the assignment and listen in class for additional details. By doing so, you should be able to answer these questions: Why do you have to do this (purpose and rational)? What are you to do (a paper, a post, or create a presentation, etc)? When is it due?And how do you hand it in or submit the finished assignment?.

How do you submit your assignment?

Submitting an assignment is as important as completing it on time!.Depending on your instructor, these details will be in the syllabus, discussed during class time, or in your D2L classroom. If you do not find any information in these places, ask your instructor.

In using, Dropbox remember a few items.

Before submitting your assignment through Dropbox in D2L, make sure you have attended to all the assignment details for that assignment as required. For example, are you submitting your assignment before or on the date the assignment is due?  Is your name and/or your UCQID# on the document? Is the filename of the assignment as required by the instructor? If you have attended to these details, then you can proceed to submitting your assignment.

How do I know that my assignment has been submitted into Dropbox?

After submitting your assignment file through Dropbox, you will receive a confirmation email. You may consider keeping it for the semester just in case a question is raised about your submission.

In D2L, look at the example of an online classroom.

View details through the the D2L LC eLearning modules. In the "Assignment submission" section, see the video and the simple quiz questions. Answer the quiz questions.

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