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Article, Journal, & Database Searching

Finding Library Resources


This guide will walk you through searching library resources

  • finding full text,
  • searching for article through Primo,
  • searching & using databases,
  • advanced literature search,
  • finding a specific journal/ article,
  • search by citation or DOI,
  • using google scholar,
  • citation searching, and
  • interLibrary Loan

Finding Full Text


The best place to start your search for full text resources is UCQ Learning Commons page

Off Campus Access

Quick Tip: Always start your search from UCQ Learning Commons page

This will guarantee you are authenticated and avoid getting asked or hit by paywall

Find and Access Full text articles

Quick Tip: Always start your search from  UCQ Learning Commons page

Primo is a search tool to find books, ebooks, electronic journals, articles, videos, images and more.

Login with your UCQ credentials when prompted.

When searching Primo you are searching:

  • Books, laptops, iPads, and other physical items found in the Library
  • Most of the library's eBooks, journals, and articles

What else you can do with Primo?

  • Renew materials borrowed from library
  • Create and save search list