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Article, Journal, & Database Searching

Finding Library Resources

Configuring Google Scholar

A search engine provide links to full-text articles, which include University of Calgary subscribed and open access resources. Google scholar provides articles from  all over the web including peer-reviewed, non peer reviewed papers, reports , and grey literature.

How to access full text through Google scholar?

You can set up Google scholar to link to University of Calgary subscribed resources. Go o setting. Under library links, search for university of Calgary ans select it. Once the link is established, you will see "Findit@UofCalgary" option in your results.

When to use Google scholar?

Google Scholar is a good starting point for your research, because it can

  • helps you familiarize with a new topic
  • bring you most cited work in the field
  • can help you find a seed article, if you are doing systemic search

Google Scholar should not be the only tool you use because:

  • most publishers do not make their content freely available
  • No limiter for scholarly publications
  • fewer options to limit or narrow search results
  • less successful in finding obscure or unusual material