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Effective Transitions

Add Information




Sentence Pattern for Coordinating Conjunction (CC) 

__________________________ , CC ________________________ .  

   Independent clause                               Independent clause



in addition




Sentence Pattern for Transitional Word or Phrase (T)

a) ____________________ ; T, ______________________ .       OR      b)  T, ________________________ . 

   Independent clause               independent clause                                                  independent clause

as well as

Special case: Use this phrase between two grammatically parallel elements, never at the beginning of a sentence.

Example: There are risks as well as benefits to the treatment.

Example: Using unfamiliar words as well as providing too much information may confuse some patients.


Special case: Use this word before a verb (action word). Example: Chowdhury et al. (2013) also found that ...
not only ... but also Adverb - special sentence structure applies. Example: In person-centered treatment, it is not only important to understand the cause of the problem in the past, but also the here and now of the patient's present (Neeb, 2006, p. 139).