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Effective Transitions

APA: Papers/Assignments

The key goal of using APA headings to show transitions from one main topic to the next main topic is to guide your reader through your paper or assignment. Effective use of APA headings helps the person who is reading to follow the information you are writing about as well as how or what you are thinking about that information.

Because of this role that APA headings play, it can be useful to outline your paper or assignment around the headings you plan to use. Doing so will help you to organize your thoughts before you begin writing. Organizing your thoughts before beginning to write will help you to write your paper or assignment as well as help your teacher understand and follow your assignment.

This can be easier to understand when seeing an example while listening to an explanation.


Watch this 10-minute video about using APA 7th edition headings and subheadings to organize a paper or assignment.

Smart Student. (2020, November 22). Headings and subheadings tutorial: APA 7th edition format [Video]. YouTube.