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A web-based software to check the originality of assignments

What is a Similarity Report?

A Similarity Report measures the similarity of your paper to other online sources.
TURNITIN compares your paper to:

  • Current and archived internet material
  • Periodicals, journals, and other online publications
  • TURNITIN paper repository (all previous submissions to TURNITIN including UCQ student submissions)

This report does not determine whether or not you have plagiarized.

REMEMBER: Similarity Reports are not 100% accurate.
TURNITIN highlights matches to online sources of 4+ words.

  • It will not highlight all cases of plagiarism or weak paraphrasing.
  • It will not highlight quotations.
  • It will highlight some false matches (words and phrases that would not be considered plagiarism).

Examples of false matches:

  • Technical language (insulin dependent diabetes mellitus)
  • Proper nouns (Sidra Medical and Research Center)
  • Common word groupings (...due to the fact that...)


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