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A web-based software to check the originality of assignments

Getting Started

TURNITIN is an online software program that can help you become a better writer.

Every semester you will receive a "Welcome to Turnitin" email.

If you haven't seen this email, please check your CLUTTER folder or contact staff at the LC Service Desk or phone 4406-5231 / 4406-5281. 

  • TURNITIN is a self-directed learning tool to help you maintain Academic Integrity by improving your own paraphrasing, summarizing, and referencing skills.
  • Instructors may ask you to submit an Similarity Report with a written assignment.
    • Instructors have no access to your account.
    • Instructors cannot run your paper through TURNITIN.
  • When you upload any assignment, you can get two reports.
    • Similarity Report (This will check your paper with other papers in its data base for plagiarism)​
    • e-Rater Results (This will check your grammar)
  • Remember use of TURNITIN is strictly confidential. Only you have access to your work.