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Searching for Scholarly Articles

Some basics on finding relevant articles.

How can you assess your results

To help evaluate begin by using the filters available through the database you are using. These are the "easy" evaluations.

Databases provided various ways to limit the number of results. 

Filters like:

  • Peer/reviewed,
  • Language,
  • Age,
  • Publication years

Then you will need to evaluate the results based on your question you need to answer. This requires more time.

Begin to read more details to see how the article is addressing your question. Look at:

  • the title
  • the abstract

Yuo may want to review how to evaluate content outside a database. Refer to the Evaluate Sources guide. 

For an assignment 

If you are dong an assignment, you should be able to find some articles answering your question at this point. If you are not able to answer your question, come to the Learning Commons to speak to a librarian for assistance.

For a project

If you are doing a project like a thesis or a review, begin by using a methodology, implement it and follow its process to eliminate articles. In addition, make sure you have captured all your steps of searching so if there are any questions about your process it can be answered. If you are unfamiliar with the process, speak with a librarian for assistance.

The Study selection guide can help you learn about evaluating search results for a project.