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Searching for Scholarly Articles

Some basics on finding relevant articles.

Why, what, when, how?

Once you find your potential topic, you will have to decide the type of information required to meet your research needs.

Example Scenario

Step 1: Sarah is working on her assignment. Sarah is aware that she know little about the topic and more information is required. Defining the information need help Sarah identify the information gap and help her know where to look for information.

Step 2: Sarah can ask following questions

  1. What information does she need? 
  2. Why is the information needed? For a research paper or presentation or report?
  3. What information Sarah already know about the topic? 
  4. What type of information source does she require?
    • book
    • journal article
    • web page
    • video
  5. What type of information Sarah need? 
    • Statistics or data
    • historical information
    • definitions
    • analysis
    • opinions
  6. How much information does Sarah require?
    • single fact
    • short assignment
    • dissertation
  7. Who is the intended audience or reader of Sarah's assignment? 
    • instructors
    • Peer
    • general public