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Searching for Scholarly Articles

Some basics on finding relevant articles.

Submit and review the results

In your results, you will see your terms in bold as you scan.

Take note of other terms that are of interest to your search. Remember you are looking into a written dialogue and these are experts talking among themselves. Use terms they use in your search as well.

Your final search strategy may look like this: nurse AND ("academic degree" OR "baccalaureate degree"). The brackets help contain the like terms. If searching through a library database, these will be taken care of. 

TIP Enter your terms sets in different search boxes in CINAHL. For example type in "nurse" (without quotes) in the first box, in the following box enter "academic degree" OR "baccalaureate degree" (with quotes).

Why not use "degree" in your final search? We do not want any articles about taking the patient's temperature and reading the degree.

If you continue to have difficulties or have questions about searching come to the Learning Commons or make an appointment with a librarian to have your terms reviewed. Bring your work and assignment with you to work efficiently.