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Pamphlets should be clear, concise, and attractive, which requires further planning.

Planning the Design

Answers: Your pamphlet needs to be understood to be effective. You can increase the audience's understanding of your pamphlet by answering the following questions inside your pamphlet: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?

Attention: Your pamphlet needs to be picked up to be read. You can increase the number of people who pick up your pamphlet by using phrases and pictures on the front panel that grab your audience's attention.

Overall Look: Your pamphlet needs to look good to be picked up and read. You can increase the number of people who pick up your pamphlet by using effective colors, fonts, images, and layout. Much of the information on design, style, and font for posters can be applied to a pamphlet as well.

Useful tips on design can be found in the “Posters” LCGuide.

Organize: Your pamphlet needs to keep the reader's attention for the whole pamphlet to be read. You can increase the number of people who read the whole pamphlet by (a) sharing only the most important and interesting points, (b) including only five main points, (c) using headings, subheadings, and text boxes to highlight the main points, (d) using bullet points to break the information into small, easy to view pieces, and (d) using pictures, tables, or graphs instead of words when possible.

Interest: Once you have your audience's attention, you need them to be interested in the information for them to take action after reading the pamphlet. You can increase the audience's interest by connecting the information to their own emotions and needs.

Facts: Your pamphlet will be more convincing if you focus on facts. Be sure these facts are supported by valid sources. All source material as well as images in your pamphlet need to have clear and correctly formatted citations and references.