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Getting started with YuJa

As the University's video hosting tool, you can use YuJa to upload and share digital media content such as videos and audio recordings easily without any installation procedures. You will be needing an internet connection to access your space in the cloud using a browser from your PC or phone. Learn how you can log in here.

If you intend to create your own video, capture your screen, do basic editing and add captions, you may need to install the YuJa software.

Why use YuJa?

As Instructors:

  • Record lectures that can be accessible at any time or at specific time periods.
  • Share additional video resources to help explain difficult concepts.
  • Demonstrate steps by using screen capture options.
  • Synchronize your video recording with commentaries and annotations to screen presentations.
  • Live stream a lecture.
  • Link with D2L so new recordings are automatically posted to your course and students will be notified when recording becomes available.

You can publish your content on the web or within your D2L course. Learn more here.


As Students:

  • Access and download your course lectures anywhere.
  • View and take notes to specific times in the recording.
  • Easily navigate through recordings using thumbnails of slides.
  • Adjust audio speed for comfortable listening.
  • Automatically generate captions in your recordings.