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YuJa Video Editor

The YuJa video editor provides the ability to edit videos. Yuja includes fully integrated video editing features like Trim Start, Trim End, Cut, Undo Last Action, Insert slide or Image, Insert a Video, Image Tools, Add Text Overlay, Add Telestartion, Captions, List of Actions.

How to Access YuJa Video Editor

1. Log in to YuJa and select Manage Media.

2. Choose the video you want to edit and select on Edit.

Features in YuJa Editor

 Trim start Remove unwanted content from the beginning of the video.
Trim End Remove unwanted content from the end of the video.
Cut Remove unwanted content from anywhere in the video.
Undo Last Action Undo and remove the editing changes done previously
Insert Slide or Image Replace a portion of your the with a single PowerPoint Slide or another file such as a DOCX, image.
Insert a Video  Insert or replace a portion of the video with a .MP4 video clip at the end of the video or at the beginning of the video.
Image Tools Add a watermark or blur region to hide information from the video.
Add Text Overlay  Add a text to the video.
Add Telestration  Draw on the video.
List of Actions Track the actions performed in the editing session.

More information

Refer to the following link to access more YuJa tutorials.