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In presenting information, here are some ideas to consider before you stand in front of people.

Before your Presentation

Many of you probably feel nervous, shy, and maybe even scared to give a presentation. You are not alone; many people feel like this when they have to give a presentation.

Why do we get so scared of speaking in public? Mikael Cho discusses the science of stage fright in this video.


Now that you can, here are some things to consider when you are planning for your presentation.

Helpful Videos:

You can become more confident and better presenters simply by changing the body language you use before and during a presentation as well as practicing speaking to find confidence in your voice. 

In this TED Talk, Amy Cuddy will teach you how to change your body language and become a good presenter. Yes, you can! 

Caroline Goyder also has good advice about how to use your breath in her TEDx Talk. She will share three secrets to find confidence in your voice for presentations. 

Julian Treasure's TedTalk discusses how to use your voice so that people will listen to you. He also gives some great vocal exercises that you can use to warm up your vocal chords.