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In presenting information, here are some ideas to consider before you stand in front of people.

Group Work

Tips for Working Effectively in Group Presentation Projects

  • Exchange contact information.
    • Share the contact details among all group members in order to communicate about the project.
    • Create a WhatsApp group 
    •  A shared OneDrive location can be useful to facilitate productive group work.
  • Establish a common goal. As a group, what do you aim to accomplish through this project?
  • Make a plan. Manage your time and clarify your objectives .   
    • Canva is a helpful tool for mindmapping and concept mapping.         
    • Mindtools can help with brainstorming. 
  • Listen actively. Pay close attention to other members ideas and opinions to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate and the individuals within the group are represented.
  • Share your ideas and opinions. This is a group effort and everyone has the right to be heard. 
  • Divide the project into tasks and sub-tasks, and then assign to each team member according to their strengths.
    • When assigning roles, discuss the positive contributions each member can make to the group project. 
  • Create a timeline. Set a schedule with dates for completion of tasks and deadlines.     
  • Outline your objectives.
    • At the beginning of every meeting, review the project plan and your expectations as a group.
    • Reflect on each person's activities since the last meeting.
  • If conflicts arise, resolve them quickly and fairly.      
  • Allow time to review, revise, and practise your presentation as a group.
    • You might choose to present for friends and family to gather some constructive feedback in order to make adjustments.
    • You can also make an appointment in the Writing Centre for feedback in order to make improvements.


Content is adapted from student success page.