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There are five printers for students to send documents to. Printing is monitored.

Your UCQ Printer PIN

To use printer functions in the LC, you need a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). Until you release the printer jobs by using your pin, they are held in a central queue.

First, you must Generate a PIN.

To generate a printer pin, open a web browser and go to

  1. On the new window, enter your UCQ account username and password.



         2. Within the Dashboard tab, below access credentials, you will click on Generate PIN. Press the Generate PIN button. 



         3. A dialog box will show on your screen. Click the ‘Yes’ button.



         4. A 6-digit number will be generated.



        5. After securing your pin, click on the username in the right corner of the page to Logout.


Reminder:  Do not share your PIN with anyone. If you can’t remember your password you can always generate a new pin by following the above instruction.

How to Use your PIN?

  1. To login,
    • enter your PIN to the textbook on printer home screen
    • press the Log In button or tap # key to continue to the main menu.
  2. When printing a document, continue to document selection to select one more documents and tap the print icon. 
  3. ​For Copier and or Scanner functions, press the Home button and choose the function you intend to start.
  4. To return to main menu, tap on the Home button and select the Safe icon. When your documents are printed/copied or scanned, tap on the Log out button to finish your work with the printer.