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There are five printers for students to send documents to. Printing is monitored.

Would you like to have an digital version of your document ?

  1. Log in with your pin. Learn how to use your pin here.
  2. Press the SCANNER option to go directly to the settings.
  3. To enter your email address, click on Manual Entry.
  4. Begin to type in your email address and press "Ok"
  5. To have colour, go through scanner settings and choose the appropriate colour option. The choice is based on the original document, either photo or glossy. By default the option is black and white. Press "Ok".
  6. To select one sided or double sided, click Original feed type.​
    • Choose 1 sided or 2 sided depends on the original to be scanned.
    • If required, change the way the paper scan: Choose the original orientation depends on the document (both the sides landscape/portrait or one sided landscape and other side portrait). Click Ok.
  7. To change the file type, click on Send file type/name. By default the scanner chose PDF file format. A new window will appear to select file type. Select the required file format and click "Ok.
  8. Document can be scanned either through paper feed or by placing the document on the glass exposure. Use glass exposure for documents like books, cards, stapled papers etc.​
    • Using a PaperFeed: Place all paper in the paperfeed and press the start button. Documents will be scanned and sent automatically to the given email.
    • Using Glass exposure: Place the document on the glass exposure and close it. Press start. If you have multiple documents, replace the one in the glass exposure with the next page in 60 seconds. Once all documents are scanned press the # key. The scanned documents will be emailed upon pressing the # key.
  9. The received email will appear as shown below in your mail inbox.