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Write in your own words what you have read.

Integrating Paraphrases

Four main sentence structures can be used with paraphrases in your assignments.

Try to use all four of these sentence structures in the same paper. This will help to keep your reader(s) interested in your writing and ideas.

1.     Paraphrased text (Author, year)


A minimum amount of pain medication will have little or no effect on new-born babies (Karlstrom et al., 2014).


2.     Subject (year) + reporting verb + object….


Banks-Wallace (1998) identified six functions of storytelling.


3. Subject (year) + reporting verb + that + paraphrased text.


Karlstrom et al. (2014) stated that post operative mothers should remain relaxed.


4. Signal phrase + subject (year), + paraphrased text.


According to Fahmy (2015), officials in Qatar have found that between three and five percent of Qataris are addicted to alcohol and drugs.


The following video offers a lesson on integrating source information when writing long paraphrases.

Click here or on the image to access the video.

More information can be found in the LC guide for "Integrating Sources."