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Cover Letter and Resume Writing

What to Include in a Cover Letter

Each position you apply for should have a personalized cover letter. 

This website and video explain what a generic cover letter needs to include. 

Generic format for a cover letter:

Name of hiring manager
Address of hiring manager

Date ( Month, day, year)

Your name
Your address 
Your phone number
Your email address

Dear … (generic Hiring Manager is fine if specific name is not mentioned in advertisement)

The first paragraph should discuss what position you are applying for + why you are applying for it.  Is it a position that you have experience with? Is it a position you are interested in learning more about and gaining more experience with? Be specific – what skills and education do you have that will be a match?

The second paragraph should explain why the hiring committee should consider you for this position. You need to convince the reader that they should grant you an interview. Do not outline your resume; rather, make connections for the reader between the qualifications that you have and job requirements. Be specific and give examples. For example: I have strong leadership abilities as a result of two years of experience managing…  I have experience working with a diverse population because of my work placement in … Throughout my nursing education, I have learned…  I am very skilled at…

In the last paragraph, thank the reader for considering you for the position and restate your interest in the position and/or the facility. Restate why you think you will make a great fit for the position. Mention that (a) you look forward to hearing from them soon and (b) they should not hesitate to contact you. 

Sincerely, (or Respectfully,)
Your name