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Cover Letter and Resume Writing


What is the difference between a resume and a CV?
A resume outlines your professional information for a recruiter.  

  • It is often referred to as a tool to market yourself to the hiring committee.
  • It is used as a snapshot of your education and career to decide if they should interview you or not.
  • It highlights your most important information: education, experience and skills.  

As a student or recently graduated nurse, you will likely be using a resume to apply for jobs.


A CV is your curriculum vitae – your course of life.

  • It is a very extensive summary of your professional life.
  • It outlines all your professional experience to date.  
  • It is usually used by people who hold a Master’s or PhD applying for a position at a university or research institution.  
  • It often includes a list of publications, positions (paid and unpaid), committee work, presentations, and research. 

Here is more information about the differences between a CV and a resume.