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This guide provides instruction on how to create PowerPoint presentations. Topics include design principles, concise writing, use of images, and APA style.

Keep it Simple

To maximize your content and message,

  • use a clear, logical order of slides;
  • focus on the main power points;
  • choose a font size, style, and colour that clarifies your power points; and
  • consistently choose a simple and light background.

Keep it Simple

The general style you use should be simple and clear to highlight your content, not confuse your content. This video outlines the general guidelines you should follow in your presentations. 

Be Consistent

Being consistent means using the same format on individual slides and throughout your entire presentation will allow your audience to focus on your content, not figuring out what you have done. This video outlines how to be consistent in your presentations. 

Use Images, Animations, and Transitions Wisely

Using images, animations, and transitions wisely can clarify the content of your presentation and allow the audience to focus more on your presentation. This video outlines how to use images, animations, and transitions wisely.