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This guide provides instruction on how to create PowerPoint presentations. Topics include design principles, concise writing, use of images, and APA style.


A standard PPT presentation will follow a general order of sections. The number of slides in each section depends on the amount of information included in your PPT. The general order of sections will be

  1. Title page
  2. Objectives
  3. Body
  4. Conclusion
  5. Questions
  6. References

The Power Points

PPT presentations have this name because each slide is meant to focus on POWER POINTS. These are the most important points related to the topic of the slide. You should follow a few simple rules to help you focus on the power points in your presentations.


  • fill a slide with a paragraph;
  • have many bullet points; and
  • have a long sentence as a single bullet point.


  • highlight the main ideas;
  • have about three bullet points per slide; and
  • keep each bullet point short and simple.