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Borrowing Resources

Take resources out of the library and bring back on a set date.

Who can borrow resources?

Current students at the University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) can borrow books, videos, technology devices (laptops and iPads) from the Learning Commons collection and available resources.

UCQ faculty and staff  can borrow books and videos.

Alumni and Healthcare professionals in Qatar can register as a community member to use the selected library resources. A community member can visit UCQ Learning Commons or email us to register and access resources. Come  and find out how and what we have available.

Key terms

  • borrow - at UCQ Learning Commons you may use the resources available to you for a time and bring them back.
  • loan - a period of time in which you can use resources, as your own and return on the due date.
  • due - the end date of the loan period.
  • resources - items, like databases, journals, articles, books, laptops and more are available for you and everyone else to use.
  • check-out - resources that have been signed out to you with a due-date 
  • renew - resources that you can continue to borrow and treat as your own with a return date moved further in the future.
  • hold - When you would like to borrow an item currently on loan and not in the library. You request the item be returned on your behave. We will place it aside for you to pick up later.