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Book a Study Room

The LC has space for you to use. You need to book the space though.

LC study rooms

In the Learning Commons area there are seven study rooms for you to book. When booking consider the following details.

  • Booking times are in 30 minutes increments.
  • Maximum booking time per student per week is Nine hours.
  • Each room can hold two people comfortably. 

Before booking a study room aware of what you are committing to:

  • If you have reserved a room and are 20 or more minutes late, the room can be taken by someone else for your reserved time.
  • Any belongs left unattended are not the responsibility of the Learning Commons or the university’s. If you have left your belongings beyond your booking, check the Lost and Found box in the LC main room or at the main reception.
  • The rooms are for academic use like for study, discussion, and/or collaborative work. 
  • Clean and tidy up the room for others to use after you.

If you have questions about your booking or how to book, come to the LC Desk.