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The urge: our history of addiction

As a psychiatrist-in-training fresh from medical school, Carl Erik Fisher came face to face with his own addiction crisis, one that nearly cost him everything. Here, he investigates the history of this age-old condition. Humans have struggled to define, treat, and control addictive behaviour for most of recorded history, including well before the advent of modern science and medicine.

Oxford Handbook of Cancer Nursing (Oxford Handbooks in Nursing)

This second edition of the Oxford Handbook of Cancer Nursing is an essential aid to the practising cancer nurse. It provides a quick reference to the key issues in cancer nursing, and a concise and systematic account of all of the main areas of cancer nursing practice. Filled with key tips and reflection points, each chapter supports professional development for the reader.

Literature Review and Synthesis : A Guide for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

This book is written to be used by healthcare undergraduate and graduate students, as well as nurses and other healthcare and health policy professionals to easily follow towards completing one's own literature review and synthesis.

Taking Charge of Adult ADHD : Proven Strategies to Succeed at Work, at Home, and in Relationships

Preeminent expert Russell A. Barkley explains what ADHD looks like in adults, how to get an accurate evaluation, and how sufferers can manage symptoms and build the life they want. Readers get hands-on skill-building exercises plus clear answers to frequently asked questions about medications and other treatments.