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Discussion Boards


Because the purpose of a discussion board is to discuss and share ideas and concepts, it is important to thoughtfully respond to the ideas of others. While it's important to compliment the original poster, you need to go further and address the content of their ideas. Try one or all of the following writing prompts to get started.

Personal Experience

Do you or do you know of someone who had a personal experience that is connected to the content and ideas in the post? Explain how the personal experience is connected to the content in the original post. You may use comparison and contrast for different points raised.


Can you think of a real-life example related to the content and ideas in the original post? Or can you think about how the ideas in the original post might work or be applied in a real-life situation? These examples and applications can come from sources that you have read and scenarios that you have constructed from your own mind.

Agree / Disagree

Is there something in the original post that interests you that you agree or disagree with? Identify and paraphrase that point and then explain why you agree or disagree.