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Policies are in place and everyone needs to do their part.

Copyright at UCQ

UCQ follows the rules and protocols developed and required by main campus (the University of Calgary) copyright office.

The office ensures that our legal obligations set out in the Copyright Act to protect the intellectual property used and created at all university sites.

The copyright office manages copyright compliance and does not operate under a collective copyright license agreement. Therefore it is important that UCQ, as extension of main campus, comply in all areas of copyright.

More information on context and the necessity for compliance can be found on the  University of Calgary Copyright page.

This LC Guide, presents general procedures to follow while at UCQ. If you ever have questions about these details of other materials to use for teaching or studying, contact the office by email. Click on the link provided and an email will be started for you Copyright office. You will receive a response within 48 hours. Remember, their weekend is on Saturday and Sunday.