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Course Readings

Ways to make articles and other material accessible for students' use.

How to make course readings available for students?

There are several ways to make articles and other such materials available for your students to read.

1. Post a link to an article or upload the full-text article on Desire2Learn (D2L)

This is a simple way to provide access to articles for your students within the current copyright regulations.

Each semester, send an email to obtain copyright permission from the main campus copyright office. In return, the copyright team will quickly provide the correct link in accordance to the university-publisher's agreement. These agreements may change between terms. Their email address is the Copyright Office. Include the following details in your email:

  • Cite all course readings,
  • State the number of students registered, and
  • Note the course number.
2. Provide a course pack 

Course packs at the University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ), has not been used until today, nonetheless the materials must be cleared by the Copyright office on main campus. Contact the Learning Commons or email the main campus copyright office the Copyright Office for assistance.


3. Place book(s) on reserve in the LC

Place a book on reserve is another preferred method and simple to implement when the book is in our collection, donated by the bookstore, or provided by the instructor for the term. Please note, there are no binders accepted at the Learning Commons Desk. Please do not 'drop off.'
These materials do not need to be copyright cleared. Send your request to the Learning Commons Desk to organize. 

Remind your students not to copy more than a chapter or 10% of the book, whichever is less, in keeping with the current copyright regulations. Reading the text in order to summarize rather than just highlighting, helps in retaining content.