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Upload files

When you want to add content to your ePortfolio, you upload the file or an artifact. You have to begin by adding an item.

Begin through "My Item," then from the drop down list, choose the option "File Upload," as shown below.



Then proceed to locate the desired file and selecting it. Below is an example of uploading a "PICOT" PowerPoint file. Note: the file name appears at the top of the window. Then click on "Add" at the bottom of the page.

The next page will be as it appears below. The filename is visible with the size of the file. Continue by clicking "Next."

On the next page, the file name will appear again. Add a "Name" of the file, and a "Description" of the file. All these details will be useful to the viewers of your ePortfolio.  Then click on "Save."

Finally, you will be arrive at a LONG page. Below is part of the page. See the contents of "Name" appears at the top of the page. The " Description" contents also appears. Below these fields, is the attached file. Continue to scroll down the page to the bottom.

See below the first part of the long page. Do not click on, "Save and close" yet!



The bottom part shows the boxes that need to be checked in order for comments and/or assessments to be added to the file or artifact. Then press "Save and Close."