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Forming Research Questions

Resources and information on how to form clear, focused, and answerable questions for research

PICo for Qualitative Questions

PICo can be used for asking qualitative questions evaluating experiences, roles, and meaningfulness of a topic.

  • P - Population: Population
  • I -  Interest: Phenomenon of interest relates to defined activity, process or event.
  • Co- Context: Context is the setting or distinct characteristics

PICo Question Template:  What are the ______[I] of ___________ [P] who recieve treatment in _____ [Co]?


  • P - nurses
  • I  -  mindfulness
  • Co - pandemic

PICo Question: Does mindfulness(I) improve quality life among nurses (P) during Pandemic(Co)?

How do caregiver-children (P) experience placing patients with Alzheimers (P) in a nursing home (S)?