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Forming Research Questions

Resources and information on how to form clear, focused, and answerable questions for research

PS for Qualitative Questions

The PS framework may be easier to use when trying to create a focused and searchable qualitative question. Qualitative questions investigate experiences and meaning of phenomena or ask about an individual's or population's experience of situations.

  • P - Population: Population or phenomenon of interest
  • S - Situation: What situation (experiences, conditions, attitudes, etc.) do you want to know more about?

PS Question Template: How do/does ___[P]____ experience _____[S]_____?


  • P - caregiver children of patients with Alzheimers 
  • S - placing patients in nursing home

PS Question: How do caregiver-children (P) experience placing patients with Alzheimers (P) in a nursing home (S)?