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Video Assignments

When you have to create a video, use some tips here.

Script and Storyboard

There are many steps to the process of creating your video.

1. Answer the questions in the order they are
2. Use clear topic sentences.
3. Use key words consistently
4. Eliminate excess words (concise)


Break down what you want to say into “chunks” or bite (byte) size pieces that you can deliver as spoken text in an easy and relaxed;manner.
For more natural speaking, you may wish to use bullet points.
Break your sound bytes into as many pieces as you need so that you can select the best clips to later stitch together in your editing process.


You may being with the possibility of making a storyboard.
What is a storyboard? Here to explain is a video on this topic


Read aloud – speak slowly and deliberately
Practice reading without looking at script (bullets, etc.)
Record the actual time taken – allow for transitions
Trial run on video – one small part