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Video Assignments

When you have to create a video, use some tips here.

Before using the camera

Video Production (Camera)
1. Steady the camera
2. Wait 2-3 seconds before and after action
3. Location – brightly lit / low noise

Begin to use the camera consider using a Teleprompter. Here are some suggestions listed below.
About Reviews of others: OR use Teleprompter Mirror software

iPhone or iPad Camera

If you want to use your camera your phone might be the easiest. If you have an iPhone, which has an application called iMovie on it. Take a look at a video (below) which shows the easy way to make videos through this application. Happy video making! 


Laptop/computer Camera

You may want to use your laptop or computer camera and if you do, you may want to use an application freely available on the Internet.

See attached video on Screen-o-matic. below.. Note: to use many of the editing features you will need to pay, but you are able to add royalty free music and cut ends of the your video, if needed.