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Statistics and Data

Information on available statistics and datasets

What is statistics?

"...a branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of masses of numerical data." 

Two major form of statistics are :

Descriptive statistics : organize and describe the characteristics of data from a particular study sample. This is commonly used to measure central tendency and variance.

Inferential statistics : uses data collected from a smaller sample to make inferences about a larger population. This statistical method is poular among clinicians to make predictions on a specific population based on the study results from selected sample.


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Freely available statistics from Arab World

Minister of Development planning and statistics -  It is mandated to establish an integrated statistical system; conduct, organize and supervise formal statistical operations; implement various censuses and surveys; and disseminate statistical data and products.

Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman - Ministry of Health Oman is responsible for ensuring the availability of health care to the people of Oman. This page provide information about  Heath Vision 2050 and other statistical reports.

Statistics, Bahrain Ministry of Health- Kingdom of Bahrain Ministry of Health page provide statistics about immunization, birth rate etc.

Statistics, Ministry of Health, United Arab Emirates - Ministry of Health and Prevention from United Arab Emirates provide health statistics on various category.

Statistics and Indicators, Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia - Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia highlights the features of the health situation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and reviews the health resources, services and activities.