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Nursing Videos

Video links and databases useful both instructors and students

Nursing videos

Who can access these videos listed below?

  • They are available to anyone for use on our UCQ campus
  • They are available to UCQ community for off-campus use after first authenticating

Note: Viewing  these videos off campus may be broken up or intermittently choppy, depending on Internet conditions

Recommended Resources

Mosby's Nursing Video Skills

Basic: Basic infection control – Bathing – Bedmaking – Safe patient handling – Elimination assistance – Nutrition and fluids – Personal hygiene and grooming – Vital signs – Restraints and alternatives
Intermediate: Wound and pressure ulcer care – Enteral nutrition – Infection control – Ostomy care – Respiratory care and suctioning – Preoperative nursing care – Postoperative nursing care – Specimen collection – Urinary catheter management
Advanced: Safe medication administration – Nonparenteral medication administration – Intravenous fluid therapy administration – Management of intravenous fluid therapy – Intravenous medication administration – Parenteral nutrition – Injections – Vascular access

Streaming Videos

Jarvis' Physical Examination and Health Assessment (available only while on campus)
Neurologic system: motor system and reflexes – Neurologic system: cranial nerves and sensory system – Head, eyes, and ears – Nose, mouth, throat, and neck – Breasts and regional lymphatics – Thorax and lungs – Cardiovascular system: heart and neck vessels – Cardiovascular system: peripheral vascular system and lymphatics – Abdomen – Musculoskeletal system – Male genitalia, anus, rectum, and prostate – Female genitalia, anus, and rectum – Head-to-toe examination of the normal adult – Head-to-toe examination of the pregnant woman – Head-to-toe examination of the neonate – Head-to-toe examination of the normal child – Head-to-toe examination of the older adult – Bedside assessment of the hospitalized adult.