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Pain Management

A medical apporach on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of pain,

Online videos

Pain Management- Mayo Clinic

This short video describe pain management for people with non-medical background.

Cleverland Clinic Pain Management Videos

This video collection covers treatments, procedures and research about chronic pain. Topics include intradiscal electrothermal therapy, spinal cord stimulation, sacroiliac joint pain, clinical achievements and more.

American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) Videos

The ACPA has offered peer support and education in pain management skills to people with pain, family and friends, and health care professionals.

Pain Management Educational Videos

A video collection compiled by Swedish Medical Center for patient safety and care quality.

Chronic pain management Lecture series

A public resource from Alberta Health Services, offering information about the nature of pain and the ways that the body’s systems are affected by pain.

Videos (authenticate to view)

Lifedream Films (Producer), & Compher, V. (Director). (2015). Portraits of professional caregivers: Their passion. their pain.