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MN Peer Mentors

Getting Started

The Learning Commons team welcomes you to your Master’s of Nursing (MN) program. This is a great journey that you have begun.

The University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) has a lot of world class people and supports available to help you while you take this journey. We urge you to make use of these supports. 

However, there are times when students like the support or input of other students who have successfully completed the MN program. This can be challenging as all of the MN graduates are busy in their important new roles within Qatar’s healthcare system and with their families. 

Some of these graduates have volunteered to give videotaped advice to you that we hope will provide you with further support and encouragement. They were given common questions asked by new MN students here at UCQ and asked to provide advice to answer these questions. 

Please, make use of and enjoy these videos throughout your program as the advice of past students is invaluable. I hope you find the videos informative and helpful. 

At the moment, these videos can only be viewed from a laptop or desktop computer; they cannot be viewed on a smartphone.

To view the peer mentors' advice, click on the link on the left side of this page that matches the topic of your interest.