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Citation Searching

Be aware of whom else has cited an article and possible recent developments.

What is this kind of searching?

From some databases, it is possible to look up an article and see who has cited it most recently.

This is the concept of citation searching -- from a key article, search to see when and where it has been used.

For example

Jemal, A., Murray, T., Samuels, A., Ghafoor, A., Ward, E., & Thun, M. J. (2003). Cancer statistics, 2003. CA: a cancer journal for clinicians53(1), 5-26. Since 2003, it has been cited 18,184 times at least, including 241 times already in mid-2018.


Why is using citation searching useful?

  1. to see the recent article(s) that has cited the article of interest.
  2. to notice the discipline or other study area(s) in which the article of interest has been cited
  3. to find a more recent occurrence of the article of interest to use in an assignment that requires articles from the last five years, for instance.