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Creative Writing


My words get concealed beneath your idea of confidence, beauty, and logic 
while we survive in a time where timidity is historic 
Nevertheless, I should say that I have tried. 
Bewildered with my voices denied 
my ignorance spoke louder than my thoughts 
my conscience always interrupted by your confident lots 
Nevertheless, I should say I have tried. 
Anxiety crippled when I stood on the stage,
my art forgotten when I tried to break my cage. 
Embarrassment was resisted with a smile on my face,
tears held back to avoid the awkward disgrace. 
Nevertheless, I should say I have tried. 
The aftereffects of such encounters remain the same 
the four walls of my room still gazed in shame 
tearful outbursts are days I hope to burn in flame 
weary souls are words that I often attempt to erase. 
Nevertheless, I should say I have tried. 
Contentment and Joy are actions I wish to inculcate 
compassion and selfless love are virtues I hope to embrace. 
poetry is healing to my never-ending chase. 
This is the unheard tale of the girl who has finally tried 
I am your girl unspoken whose voices have not yet died!

                                                                                - Rushda Attaf Sarang