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Non-Stop Reading for ESL Students

            Non-Stop Reading means you keep reading without worrying about what the words mean. You read Non-Stop because:

  • You will learn from the context.That means the way sentences and paragraphs are structured will give you clues for the meaning of the topics.
  • It will increase the time you spend studying.
  • It will improve your written grammar. Moreover, the more you read; the better your writing should become.
  • Reading faster makes it easier to understand what you have read.                                                                                                                                         How to Read Non-Stop:
  • First try this with some easy reading like a novel or a magazine article.
  • Try reading non-stop for 10 minutes. Then gradually try to increase the amount of time you read. Use a timer if need be.
  • Don't stop or try to translate a word or phrase you don't understand. Each time you see it you will get more clues about what it means.
  • When you finish reading, tell yourself out loud what the reading was about. That will help you understand and connect what you were reading.
  • Next, try reading non-stop your study reading material. (See next section PQRST)