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Find Library Resources

How to find items in the library.

Conducting Searches in PRIMO

A quick search called "Search everything"

Simultaneously searches books, e-books, videos, articles, digital media, and other resources from UCQ collection.

Use the scope for limiting the search results. PRIMO offers various search scope as :

Everything: searches all physical and most online resources (default).

EBSCO: searches online resources from the EBSCOHost interface. This is more than just CINAHL.

Books and E-books: searches UCQ books, videos, and e-Books

PRISM: searches theses, dissertations, and research published by the UofC community.


Details to use AFTER THINKING ABOUT YOUR TERMS for searching!

Ask a question
What do you use?
How do you use it?
Do you have more than one term or word when searching?

Use the connectors between your terms. 

AND - normally, it will decrease your results

OR - normally, it will increase your results

NOT - normally, it will eliminate unwanted terms

NOTE: CAPITALIZE the connectors.

Example: nursing OR nurse OR nurses

Example: nursing AND dosage 

Example: Aids NOT hearing

Do you have a group of similar or related words in your terrms?

Similar or related words are the same as synonyms.

Use brackets around these terms.

NOTE: Use ( )

Example: (nurse OR nurses) AND (doctors OR doctor OR physician OR physicians) 

Are you looking for exact words in your terms or two or more words for a term?

Use quotes around these terms. 

Caution: you may eliminate useful resources if you have not thought of other ways these terms are written. Come see a librarian!

NOTE: Use " "

Example: "women doctor" OR "health care" OR "laryngeal cancer" 

Do you want to use a quick way to get more results?

They are defined by special characters. Each character is used for a different reason.

* - any word that follows your sequence of letters for that term, will be included in your results. Caution know what terms you want when using this character.

? - any letter that is found in a word with the same sequence of letters you have for that term, will be included in your results.

NOTE: Use the * to truncate, Use the ? to replace ONE character in the term.

Example:  nurs* AND  wom?n

Will return - nursing, nurse, nurses, as well as woman, women.

If you have questions come see the librarians in the Learning Commons.